Group Purchases Documentation

Lakeland coordinates group purchases for members or affiliate members of the Lakeland Library Cooperative. There are a variety of group purchases, vendor discounts, and subscription opportunities. Please contact Carol Dawe (Ext 2001) with questions or for further information.


These discounts are available to you as a member or affiliate member of the Lakeland Library Cooperative.


Average Book Prices

Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS)

RNL Graphic Solutions

Library Cards & Key Tags

Lakeland Group Services

These services are negotiated through Lakeland. Please contact Carol Dawe for more information.


Text messaging notification service

Unique Management

Collection Notification Services

Lakeland Group Subscriptions

These services are provided for on a subscription basis facilitated by Lakeland. Annual emails will go out to directors to add/drop library subscriptions prior to the renewal dates.

Amazon Prime

March Renewal

Amazon Smile

See if your Friends Group qualifies

Ancestry Library Edition

Jan/Feb Renewal


Apr/May Renewal


TBD Renewal

Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.

Sept Renewal

Vox Books


TBD Renewal

Passthrough Items

Lakeland will send periodic emails with ordering instructions to items that Lakeland will order and send via delivery.

Barcode Services, Inc

Delivery Dots (Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec)

Better Containers

Poly Bags (Apr/Aug/Dec)

ID Label

Barcodes (Apr/Aug/)


LLC 4-Part Order Form


LLC Supply Order Form - PDF


LLC Supply Order Form - ONLINE

Library Ideas

VOX Books (TBD Renewal)

RNL Graphic Solutions

Printing & Misc. (LLC Supply Form)

Woodlands Library Cooperative

Labor Law Posters (Ordered Annually)

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